About Saint Brandon Mauritius

Saint Brandon’s (Also known as Cargados Carajos Shoals) is a group of over 50 small islands, coral ridges and vast sand flats which is cut by three major passes and extends 50 km from North to South.

Situated 268 nautical miles north-east of Mauritius’s main island this area is rich in fish stocks, flora and fauna. The magnificent condition of the coral reefs and the lobster infested outer reefs is the proof that except the small population of Creole natives who live on Raphael Island in the northern area, there has been very little human interference at St. Brandon since its have been first discovered.

For many years foreigners were restricted from visiting St Brandon shores, but thankfully, the red tape has finally been cleared to allow us to offer this unique trip on-board the most luxurious catamaran for both Mauritians and foreigners to discover St Brandon.