About Saint Brandon – Mauritius.

A unique salt water fishing adventure in a tropcical paradise

The Saint Brandon atoll, also known as the Cargados Carajos Shoals, is an Indian Ocean archipelago located about 430 kilometres (268 nautical miles) northeast of Mauritius. It consists of more than 50 islands, coral ridges and vast sand flats which is cut by three major passes and extends 50 km from North to South. These flats and reefs are considered to be one of the best Bonefish grounds on the planet. This remote atoll is one of the few remaining places still in pristine condition due to a strict limitation of tourist licenses issued every year. Guests fishing with us in Saint Brandon will belong to an exclusive group of only 200 tourists per year that are allowed to enter the atoll. This paradise is home to thousands of birds and giant sea turtles lay their eggs on the deserted beaches. The outer reef of Saint Brandon is teaming with life. Crayfish, crabs and octopus all share this healthy ecosystem and are present in such great numbers that tourists visiting Saint Brandon are allowed to collect crayfish for daily meals while on location

For many years foreigners were restricted from visiting St Brandon shores, but thankfully, the red tape has finally been cleared to allow us to offer this unique trip on-board the most luxurious catamaran for both Mauritians and foreigners to discover St Brandon.

Fishing- Spinnig, Popping, trawling & jigging.

The Saint Brandon atoll consists of over 50 small islands, endless sand flats, reef sections, and coral atolls where Bonefish, Indo Pacific Permit, Giant Trevally, and Bluefin Trevally, are numerous all around. For fly anglers Saint Brandon is a true Bonefish mecka with white sand flats and beaches, perfect for big schools of Bonefish to sneak up on and feed on crabs, shrimps and other crustaceans. Due to the shallow and clear water fish are easy to spot and if you miss a shot you can rest assured there is more to come. Unlike many other Bonefish destina-tions where bottoms are normally soft and muddy, Saint Brandon consists of firm sand and reef flats, perfect for wading.

Several species of Trevallies also frequently visit the shallow flats and reef sections offering a chance to properly test your gear. Although anglers can have several shots at GT and Bluefin during a normal week, Saint Brandon is probably not the place to go if you want to catch as many GT’s as possible. If a trophy size GT is what you are looking for however then this is definitely the place to go as the average size of GT’s landed here is big.

Indo Pacific Permit is perhaps the most sought after trophy fish in the area and they show themselves on the flats regularly, providing a true challenge for anyone trying to tease them into a bite.

From our comfortable live-aboard catamaran operation you always have the option to choose whether you want to try fly fishing for big bonefish, trevallies, indo Pacific Permit and a number of other species, or if you prefer to try popping or spinning for Saint Brandon’s notoriously big Giant Trevally. Other species you are almost certain to encounter along the endless reef sections when popping or spinning are Dogtooth Tuna, Coral trout, various snappers, Bluefin Trevally, and more. Every two anglers will have access to their own brand new for the 2020 season, fishing skiff and guide and can choose how and what they want to fish every session, every day.

If you want to take a break from fishing we suggest trying crayfish hunting in the shallow waters on the reef. Returning with a bucket full of crayfish for dinner is an easy way to become the most popular person on the boat.